How to Get UMID ID in 5 Simple Steps

Unified Multi-purpose Identification (UMID) allows you to transact with government agencies such as the Social Security System (SSS), the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), and the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF or Pag-IBIG Fund). It is recognized as a valid identification document by government offices, banks, and other organizations in the Philippines. Even for just starting in their first job, the application process is quite simple. Additionally, the UMID card can be used to withdraw GSIS or SSS benefits and loans from an ATM.

Requirements for SSS and GSIS members applying for a UMID card:

1. Completed the UMID Card Application Form.

a. For members of the SSS (Click here to download the form)

b. For members of the GSIS (Click here to download the form)

• Use BLOCK or CAPITAL LETTERS and a black or blue ink pen to write in

 • Avoid erasures and corrections

• Check the applicable box

• Write “NA” or “Not Applicable” if the required data is not applicable

2. Passport, driver’s license, professional commission card (PRC), or seaman’s book are all acceptable forms of primary identification.

(Please note: If you do not have any of the above identities you may visit the SSS website for additional ID cards and documents)

5 Simple Steps to Apply for a UMID Card for SSS Members:

STEP 1: Print and complete the UMID card application form.

Before filling out the UMID registration form, carefully read the instructions on the last page. Double-check all of the information you’ve written to ensure its accuracy.

Step 2: Take your completed form and documents to the nearest SSS office.

As soon as you arrive at the SSS office, you will either fall in line or be assigned a queue number. Then you must wait your turn. The SSS staff will check your documents and verify your information, so double-check everything you’ve written to ensure a faster transaction.

(Please keep in mind that not all branches have the system to process UMID applications.)

Step 3: Have your biometrics taken (photo, fingerprint, and signature).

Proceed to the booth, where your photo, fingerprints, and digital signature will be captured. The SSS personnel will allow you to review your encoded personal information in the UMID enrollment system, after which you will be given an acknowledgment stub and an estimated delivery date for your UMID card.

Step 4: Wait for your UMID card to arrive.

Expect your UMID card to arrive within thirty (30) days of your application date. Some SSS branches, however, may provide a longer delivery time.

Step 5: Enable your UMID card.

You can activate your UMID card at any SSS branch or kiosk near you. You can now easily withdraw your benefit and loan proceeds from any Bancnet ATM nationwide or Visa-branded ATMs for international transactions once your account has been activated.

5 Simple Steps to Obtaining a UMID Card for GSIS Members:

STEP 1: Print and complete the UMID eCard enrollment form.

Before completing your application/enrollment form, carefully read the instructions. Double-check all of the information you’ve written to ensure its accuracy.

Step 2: Bring your completed form and documents to any GSIS branch.

As soon as you arrive at the GSIS office, obtain a queue number. Then you must wait your turn. The GSIS staff will review your completed UMID form as well as copies of your two (2) valid IDs.

(Please keep in mind that GSIS offices are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.)

Step 3: Have your biometrics taken (photo, fingerprint, and signature).

Staff from GSIS will take your photograph, fingerprints, and digital signature. Then, you can check your personally encrypted data in the UMID registration system. You will be given a form (UMID eCard Release Form) to fill out to obtain your card.

Step 5: Wait for GSIS to send you a confirmation message.

When your card is ready for pickup, GSIS will notify you via text message or email.

Step 6: Get your UMID eCard.

Go to the GSIS office where you applied for your eCard, get a queue number, and wait for your turn to be called. Please send the following documents:

• Completed Bank Customer Information Record 

• UMID eCard Release Form (available at the GSIS branch)

• Original and photocopy of GSIS eCard, passport, or two (2) valid identification cards.

Receive your UMID card and double-check the information on it.

Step 7: Enable your UMID card.

As soon as you receive your UMID card, activate it at a GSIS branch. You can also use your card to activate it at the Provincial Capitol, City Hall, Municipal Hall, or Robinson’s Mall.

a. Seek out the GSIS Wireless Activated Processing System Kiosk.

b. Insert your UMID card into the e-card reader c. Touch the screen with your pre-registered finger d.

If it successfully scanned your finger, it will display a confirmation message.

Within 72 hours, the UMID card will be activated.

Please note:

• There are no rush applications for UMID cards 

• You must wear appropriate clothing 

• Remove unnecessary accessories such as eyeglasses, colored contact lenses, or dangling earrings before the photoshoot

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