How to Get and Replace Lost or Damaged TIN ID

Both Filipino citizens and foreign nationals who generate revenue in the Philippines should pay taxes to the government or contribute a portion of their earnings to the country’s development.
To be correctly identified when paying taxes, you must request a Tax Identification Number (TIN) from the Bureau of Internal Revenue. However, keep in mind that obtaining multiple TINs is illegal and punishable by law.
A TIN is required for the issuance of your TIN ID, which you can use to transact with other private and government offices. TIN ID can also be used as a valid ID when opening an account with a financial institution such as a bank to open savings, checking, or investment account.
Obtaining a TIN ID is not as difficult as you may believe; in fact, you can get one within a day. The steps for your TIN ID are here:

1. Just go to Revenue District Office in your area (RDO)

You cannot simply go to any branch and apply for a TIN ID. The RDO where you filed your TIN is your designated RDO, where you can pay taxes, update your information, and request or replace TIN IDs. If your employer filed it, you could obtain a copy from them or contact the BIR Customer Assistance Division by phone or email at If you filed it, you could get a copy from your employer.

2. Bring at least one (1) ID issued by an authorized government body

Bring such as a birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, or other document displaying the applicant’s name, address, and birthdate. If applicable, marriage contract.

Passport, working permit, or a photocopy of an Alien Employment (AEP) application that the Department of Labor has duly received.

3. Complete the 1904 or 1902 BIR Form

BIR Form 1904 is for one-time taxpayers and individuals registering under Executive Order 98. (Securing a TIN to be able to transact with any government office).

BIR Form 1902 is intended for individuals who earn only compensation income (local and alien employee).

4. Hand over the requirements to the appropriate personnel

Please submit your application with all of the required information and then wait for the authorized personnel to review it.

5. Wait for the issuance of your identification card

After you have received your TIN ID, double-check all of the information. If everything is correct, sign it and attach your 1×1 photograph before laminating your ID.

Replacement of Lost or Damaged TIN ID


Completed BIR Form 1905 (Registration Information Update Form) and BIR Form 0605 (Payment Form)
The affidavit of loss should be notarized (for lost TIN ID)
 An old id card as well as a photocopy (for damaged TIN ID)
 Copy of the marriage certificate (if applicable)

7 Simple Steps

1. Make a visit to a Revenue District Office in your area (RDO)

2. Complete Forms 1905 and 0605 of the Bureau of Internal Revenue

3. Give your completed BIR form 1905, as well as any other necessary documents, to the Certificate of Registration update window.

4. Proceed to the payment window and present your duly completed BIR form 0605 to the cashier for verification.

5. Make a payment for the replacement fee (PHP150 to PHP300)

Payment should be made at the RDO’s agent bank, where your BIR form 0605 machine verification should be completed as well.

6. Go to the COR update window and submit your machine verified form 0605 and receipt.

7. Wait for your new identification card to be issued

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