Government-issued IDs That Are Easy To Apply

Valid identification is important in our daily lives, and it is required when transacting with private or government offices, as well as when transacting with banks. Obtaining one isn’t as difficult as it was before, as most government organizations now accept online appointments and transactions; however, some agencies still demand a physical appearance to get biometrics. Here’s a list of acceptable IDs that you may easily access under the new normal:

Anyone, regardless of age, occupation, or citizenship, could apply for a Postal ID. A foreign resident who was in the country for at least six (6) months is also welcome to apply. When dealing with private and government offices, you can use it to verify your identity and address. Because of its strong security features, the improved Postal ID can’t be quickly falsified.

Price: PHP504 (vat and delivery fee included) Validity: 3 Years

One of the most important documents for employment and overseas work is a National Bureau of Investigation Clearance. If you possess this document, you can clearly show that you are an upright and respectable member of society. It indicates whether a person has criminal cases or records pending in any of the country’s courts.

Price:    PHP155 (PHP130 processing fee + PHP25 system fee for e-payments)

PHP335 (NBI Clearance Quick Renewal)

Validity: Six (6) months to One (1) Year

A passport is one of the best and most straightforward government-issued identification documents to obtain. It is required when traveling abroad, and it is also a strong form of identification that can be used in some important transactions throughout the country.

Price:     PHP950-Regular


Validity: 10 Years 

The Social Security System is a government-mandated insurance program that provides benefits to those who qualify. Filipinos who are employed are required to join, and they are also required to make a monthly contribution to the fund. Self-employed individuals and Overseas Filipino Workers can also join and contribute in exchange for a variety of benefits such as maternity, retirement, sickness, disability, death, and loan.

Price: Free of charge. At least one (1) contribution to the scheme. Validity:  No expiration

Below you’ll find an application form for Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID).

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